Konus Digimax-90 Astrophotography Pack NEW!

Capture your own astronomy images with this great combo package, everything required to get started with astrophotography

BBC 'Sky at Night' magazine Review - 90% Rating!

The Digimax-90 takes full advantage of the Skyscan AZ controller which is the most advanced GOTO tracking system in its class. This system is operated through 12V DC motor drives which will generate an incredibly silent and fluid movement, coupled with a low battery consumption. Fast and highly responsive, the Skyscan AZ will locate with utmost precision over 43,000 astronomical objects and will automatically point the telescope, thus allowing every beginner and amateur astronomer to access a lifetime of breathtaking exploration of our Universe.

The Digimax-90 is a Maksutov-Cassegrain with a 90mm diameter and 1250mm focal length, making this telescope powerful and versatile enough to deliver a great performance while observing the Moon, Planets and many Deep-Space objects.

"Finds Planets, Stars, Galaxies and Nebula plus tracks them automatically"

Digimax 90 Telescope  +

Package includes the new Pentaflex CMOS Digital Eyepiece!

The Pentaflex Digital Eyepiece (PDE) can be used with any telescope featuring 1¼” eyepieces. Simply fit the camera where in the eyepiece barrel and attach the cable via USB to a laptop. Up-load the supplied software and, hey presto, instant live video streaming of solar system objects. This arrangement allows more than one person to view telescope images simultaneously and, perhaps more importantly, the video footage can be uploaded onto any laptop or computer.