Konus MotorMax 130 Telescope Auto Track

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Semi-Automatic Electronic Telescope




his telescope has very reduced dimensions but gives great results. It concentrates all the best features of a Maksutov Cassegrain. The 1200mm focal length gives good optic power united to the steady equatorial mount. Recommended for planetary observations and astrophotography

- Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with multicoated optics
- diameter 130 mm (5"), focal lenght 1200 mm (47"), focal ratio f/13.3
- equatorial mount with RA motor
- metal tripod 73÷121 cm (2.4÷4.0 ft.)
- 8x21 achromatic finderscope
- 45° erecting prism and lunar filter
- eyepieces Plossl 10 mm and Plossl 17 mm, diam. 31.8 mm (1".25)
- magnification with supplied eyepieces 120x and 70x.

The MotorMax range offers advanced level astronomy at an economical price into this oldest of sciences. These are very upgradeable with many visual and photographic options. Fantastic Value!

The Equatorial mount with R.A. tracking motor is quite stable, for smooth semi automatic tracking of celestial objects.


Maksutov Cassegrain telescope with multicoated optics

- Diameter 130mm (5"),

- Focal lenght 1200mm, focal ratio f/13.3

- Equatorial mount with RA motor

- Metal tripod 73-121cm

- 45° Erecting Prism

- 8x21 Achromatic Finderscope

- Eyepieces Plossl 10 mm and Plossl 17 mm, diam. 31.8 mm (1".25)

- Magnification with supplied eyepieces 120x and 70x.

- Lunar filter

- Atlas of the sky



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