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The Konuspace-6 telescope is a competitively priced excellent optical instrument that will impress any budding astronomer. Includes the 'Sky-Explorer' software which completes the astronomical experience. Metal Alt Azimuth Mount and Tripod with operational instructions in 8 languages. Can be used during daytime for terrestrial use.

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Our Recommended beginners Telescope - Semi-Automatic Electronic Telescope Ø114mm F.500 f/4,3 NEWTON
Our latest model with distinctive optical and mechanical quality for an exciting astronomical experience. The Konusmotor-500 is versatile and excels in observation. This "deluxe" model includes a never-before-seen array of extra features: soft cases for carrying the telescopes everywhere, electric focuser, R.A. motor drive, Plossl eyepieces and the incomparable "Sky-Explorer" software with its countless functions.

Konusmotor 500 telescope has been created to provide great observations with high optical quality.

These are reflectors of quality, equipped with Plossl 31.8mm (1.25") Eyepieces and a R.A. motor for semi-automatic operation indispensable for tracking celestial objects and astrophotography. Metal Equatorial Mount and Tripod and operational instructions in 8 languages plus moon and sky map.

Konus Digimax-90

BBC 'Sky at Night' magazine Review - 90% Rating!
Breathtaking Exploration of the Night Sky!
At the touch of a button
The Digimax-90 takes full advantage of the Skyscan AZ controller which is the most advanced GOTO tracking system in its class. This system is operated through 12V DC motor drives which will generate an incredibly silent and fluid movement, coupled with a low battery consumption. Fast and highly responsive, the Skyscan AZ will locate with utmost precision over 43,000 astronomical objects and will automatically point the telescope, thus allowing every beginner and amateur astronomer to access a lifetime of breathtaking exploration of our Universe.
The Digimax-90 is a Maksutov-Cassegrain with a 90mm diameter and 1250mm focal length, making this telescope powerful and versatile enough to deliver a great performance while observing the Moon, Planets and many Deep-Space objects. "Finds Planets, Stars, Galaxies and Nebula plus tracks them automatically" 2 Year Warranty

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