Turn Left at Orion

Thinking of buying a telescope? this book is the ideal companion

First published in 1989, TURN LEFT AT ORION is already in the sixth print of its third edition. Written in a user friendly way by two experienced astronomers with a love for small telescopes it avoids unnecessary jargon and provides the ideal introduction to stargazing.

The year is divided into the four seasons and the authors have selected their favourite night sky objects for each period, together with a step by step guide on how to find them.
Each object represents a good example of its type, including: The planets, double/ triple star systems, galaxies, open clusters, globular clusters and planetary nebula. In each case there is a brief explanation of “what you’re looking at.”

The book also includes dedicated sections on the moon, the planets, how to run a telescope and finally, where do you go from here? Intended to be used at the telescope, this practical publication builds on the enthusiasm that prompted a telescope purchase and ensures the user extracts maximum satisfaction from their observations.

We are very happy to recommend this book as an extremely useful companion for the astronomical novice, however, in the words of Sky & Telescope Magazine: “should be packaged with every first telescope...”


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