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Objects of great style, built with the best materials, with ultra white optical glass, gold metal frame and with three screwdrivers incorporated in the handle. Aurus lenses are available in different sizes, and make a classy gift on many occasions. In a world where everything is equal and standardized, this lens stands out as a classic object of great quality and practicality, different from all the existing production on the market at a very competitive price in relation to the high quality offered. In a practical mixed assortment kit.



12 pcs set:

-3pcs diam. 50mm, 4.5 x

-3pcs diam. 60mm, 3x

-3pcs diam. 70mm, 2.5x

-3pcs diam. 80mm, 2x

Lens in extra white optical glass

Handle with 3 built-in screwdrivers

Golden frame of good resistance over time

Various sizes available


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