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Celaeno is a compact and lightweight flashlight with a slim design, also called
stylus torch, ideal for applications where concentrated light is needed for
inspect. Two levels of brightness, the focus function and the clip
detachable make this flashlight practical and easy to use.


• 100 lumens – 15 lumens
• Power supply 1 AAA battery (disposable or rechargeable)
• 1h 45m 100% duration
• Focus (by rotating the head of the flashlight)
• Two levels of brightness
• Water resistant (rain and splashes)
• Shock resistant: 2m

• Candela, maximum intensity: 450 cd (+/- 15%)
• Length of the light beam: 40 m (+/- 15%)
• Duration (tolerance +/- 15%): 100%: 1 h 45 m 15%: 4 h 15 m
• LED chip: Cree XP-E2
• Battery type: 1x AAA alkaline


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