How to Clean Telescope Eyepieces

Hello and welcome to a new astronomy article, this time we got to do something different it’s been cloudy for quite a while now so while we’re waiting for the skies to clear I am going to clean up my eyepiece.

An eyepiece regularly comes into contact with your face and because of this eye lashes and grease can build up on the lens causing your view to be blocked so what you should do when it gets to a position where it’s become too dirty is clean the eyepiece, so your views remain unaffected.

How to Clean Telescope Eyepieces


For this I can highly recommend Optical Wonder made by Badaar, this stuff is brilliant it takes up all the grease, any pollen and doesn’t leave a smear it evaporates away afterwards. To apply it I’d also recommend a microfibre rather than anything like tissue or cotton balls as you don’t know what kind of stuff, they put on it and microfibre is completely clear of any kind of chemicals that you didn’t want to appear on the telescope eyepiece lens.

Before we start applying this Optical Wonder Fluid, we should clean off any of the large parts on the lens and to do this I use a camera puff blower, it’s a simple little device which blows a focused puff of air and removes any particles before you start wiping with a cloth, this will avoid scratching the lens giving it a good blow around at different angles.

Telescope or Spotting scope

Optical Wonder Fluid

Now we are onto the Optical Wonder fluid stage and never apply the fluid directly to the lens, if you do that it could flood the actual lens and get into the adhesive and start destroying the whole eyepiece. So, what you do is, you get a piece of the microfibre cloth and apply a couple of squirts to the cloth and then give gentle wipes, a circular motion around the lens and then put your lens cap back on and do the same process for both ends of the eyepiece and any other lenses you have.

Well, that’s all there is to it, How to clean Telescope Eyepieces, and that’s it for another astronomy tutorial if you like this article please keep coming back as we upload new ones every week.

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Don’t forget – When you take your Telescope outside on a clear night. you will find the object you want to look at through the Finder Scope first. Once this is centred, you can then look through the Telescope Eyepiece and there will be the magnified object.

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