Vaonis Stellina Telescope Review

Vaonis Stellina Review

In this article I take a fun view of a new scope from Vaonis, meet Stellina.

This post will not be technical, I will not carry out any tests or data evaluation, this will be a night out having fun and finding out a little more about this remarkable telescope. I am not an Astro Photographer, nor am I an expert in Astronomy, I am an enthusiast who loves to observe and learn about the night sky.


Connect with the Stars

With the Stellina Telescope you can see the Stars, you can see the moon, you can see hundreds of deep space objects, almost everything up there in space. It costs around £3,750 which is actually a very low price considering what this telescope does, it’s absolutely insane look at the images that it’s captured by amateurs, it’s just unbelievable this is technology I have never seen before, and it is exciting, very exciting.

Stellina Smart Telescope


Stellina Arrives With Excitement

In this Vaonis Stellina review I want to be able to tell if this actually works. I managed to get my hands on a Stellina, I have got it and I can’t believe it is here I’m very, very thrilled to try this out. I have played around with it a little bit and I’m not sure exactly how it all works so that’s what I am going to figure out. First things first the power, the Stellina uses an external battery pack I thought it was going to be a massive internal battery, but no it’s literally just a small pack which is great because it’s very portable. There are also two USB slots so you can charge your phone and obviously you can power it up with this external battery pack.


Stellina Battery
Stellina Smartphone

Smartphone & Tablet App

Next you need to download the Stellina App, once this is uploaded to your device you can turn on the telescope. There is a button which turns the Stellina on, it lights up blue which means it’s turning on, once powered up you must activate the Wi-Fi network, so we’re now connected, next you are going to click a button called initiate, it moves around during this setup and looks like a robot this is so cool as it orientates itself with the starry sky. This initial setup takes around 10-15 minutes for it to calibrate.


Part of the technology is it takes pictures, and to achieve good resolution photos it uses some clever Vaonis software which over the course of a timeframe it stacks sharp frames on top of each other, so you get a much clearer image. It also has some incredible technology that will automatically lock onto the stars so there is no need to adjust anything, everything is geo tracked and located and you are basically on your smartphone viewing what the telescope sees.

Helix Nebula
Stellina Telescope Review


Journey To The Stars

Once the Stellina is initialised and ready for a journey to the stars you can choose your destination. First, I chose to look at the Flaming Star Nebula which is 1500 light-years away, that’s just ridiculous! After a minute or so the scope is pointing at the nebula, a quick photo and onto the next object, a double cluster in Perseus so this is amazing, I mean there’s so many stars! More objects and more photos but time is not on my side, another sip on my Brandy to keep me warm of course…



Stellina Magic

One thing that I’ve learned with this Stellina Telescope Review is that it takes time to take these photos and you need to be patient with it I decided to go out literally on one of the coldest days and I decided to stay with the Stellina pretty much the whole time, however, you can go back inside with your phone and it will continuously keep taking the photos and then once you go back it will reconnect again but I was just worried that it wouldn’t take the photo. So, you can sit inside and look through the Patio doors and watch Stellina do her magic.

Spiral M83


Stunning Photos

There is one thing that I really wanted, to get a nice photo of the Moon and a Galaxy. I wanted to get that nice beauty shot because there was a super Moon, I set the Stellina up pointing at the moon and away it went, taking photos for some minutes. The results were fantastic! Honestly I’m gobsmacked because I didn’t really think you could take photos with that clarity, amazing, and I wish I had a little bit more time while the weather was good because obviously this all comes down to whether you can use it as it’s got to be a clear sky’s and with the weather that we’ve been having in the UK recently it hasn’t been great but I managed to get exposure and I was so happy it’s cool right I’ve started a astro photograph collection!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post on this incredible new telescope, I have had a lot of enjoyment using it and I’m sure I will have many more hours of fun exploring and photographing the Cosmos!

We hope this Vaonis Stellina review explainer has helped you finding some interesting astronomy objects. Now you are all set to move to our next article in the UK Telescopes guide on how to use a telescope!

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