Stellina Telescope

The Telescope, known as the Stellina Telescope, is a unique blend of technology and astronomy. Its smart automated design and approachable nature make it a fantastic tool for both novices in the field of astrophotography and enthusiasts who want fast, reliable results. The Telescope takes stargazing to a new level.


The Stellina Telescope is an astrophotography telescope fully automated and about the size of a backpack. Its compact size allows portability, while the fully automated design minimizes the technical knowledge required to operate it. The Telescope is designed to function even in areas with significant light pollution, making it usable in almost any location. However, with a price tag of $3,999, the Telescope is indeed a significant investment for those seeking unparalleled cosmic views.


Stellina Telescope

The Stellina Telescope boasts a fixed focal length of 15.75 inches (400 millimeters), precisely tuned to capture stunning images of galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters outside our solar system. While the  Telescope is capable of capturing planet images, it optimizes its resolution for more distant celestial bodies like star clusters and galaxies. Even when observing small planetary images, such as Jupiter’s cloud bands, this Telescope ensures major features are visible. An exciting bonus is the mosaic setting, enhancing the field of view by allowing users to capture larger sky-patch images through frame adjustments, all within the Telescope’s realm.


The key allure of the Stellina Telescope lies in its user-friendly design and simplicity. Setting up this Telescope is as easy as turning it on, and choosing your celestial object of interest from the extensive catalog on the dedicated app. Once the selection is made, this Telescope takes charge, locating and tracking the object automatically, relieving users of intricate manual adjustments. However, it’s worth noting that observations with this Telescope might extend for an hour or longer, a gentle reminder that astronomy is, at its core, a pursuit requiring patience and appreciation.


The Stellina Telescope offers a myriad of advanced features tailored specifically for astrophotography aficionados. Through image stacking, the Stellina Telescope skillfully layers multiple short exposures to craft a single image that exudes enhanced detail and striking clarity. With a comprehensive catalog of over 250 deep space objects, the Telescope app remains a treasure trove for users, regularly updated to enrich the celestial experience. For those seeking more, the ability to uncover an unlimited number of celestial objects is unlocked by entering celestial coordinates (RA/Dec coordinates). The Telescope’s built-in sharing features further amplify the experience, making sharing breathtaking captures on social media platforms a seamless endeavor.

Operation+ Fully automatic operation through the app– Very Expensive
+ Easy to use– Not suitable for observing planets
+ Attractive images even in light pollution– Not widely serviceable
Ease of Use+ Delightful images sent to your phone or tablet– Poor instructions
+ Quick setup procedure mastery


In essence, the Stellina Telescope, the epitome of versatility and user-friendly design, is primed for immediate use, requiring minimal setup. It stands as an ideal instrument for cosmic explorers valuing ease of use, portability, and digital convenience. Through its intelligent features, the Telescope democratizes the universe, bringing the cosmos closer to everyone in a manner that is more accessible, immersive, and engaging. The Telescope paves the way for a celestial journey that resonates with novices and seasoned stargazers alike, all within the realm of the Telescope’s technological wonder.