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They are robust microscopes suitable for didactic laboratories, veterinarians and high school students or teachers of science subjects for the exceptional quality / price ratio

Double adjustment of the focus, micrometric and coarse, slide table, light condensing lens , iris diaphragm with filter holder, dust cover.

operating instructions in 8 languages:
UK-USA, I, E, F, D, P, NL, GR




– 600x
– monocular biological
– macro and micrometric focusing by means of knobs placed on both sides of the stand.
– specimen tray complete with slide holder tweezers.
– light condensing lens complete with iris diaphragm with filter holder.
– according to ce, ul, csa and gs
– supplied with dust cover.

-Model: COLLEGE.
-Type: Biological Monocular.
-Technical features: Monocular head and stand completely made of metal and fire painted.
Nosepiece nosepiece with 3 positions rotating in both directions with snap lock, corresponding to the objectives.
Optical equipment: 15x wide field eyepiece and three achromatic objectives din 4x – 10x – 40xs telescopic, obtainable magnifications 60x, 150x and 600x.
-Magnifications: 60x, 150x and 600x

# 5335- # 5326: 220v low voltage safety illuminator with 12v / 10w transformer
# 5051: slide preparation set
# 5327: graduated translating table
# 5070: SET of 50 white slides
# 5072: SET of 100 coverslips


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