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Konustart 900 Motor Telescope


This Konustart telescope is a favourite for young and aspiring astronomers: for this reason we are offering a special featured line to help your learning journey. We have added a textile carrying case to this excellent telescope set, allowing you to carry the telescope anywhere.  UK Telescopes also include a professional astronomical software to ease the study of the Sky, find out the co-ordinates of celestial objects which you are observing, the dates in which they will be visible all over the world and other important functions.




Konustart 900 | Semi-Automatic

The 900 telescope in the Konus range has been a great success for young and aspiring astronomers: with exceptional build quality and superb optics it is a very capable instrument. Ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their telescope for more serious astronomy observation of the night sky. High clarity views of all our Planets and Deep Space Objects.

It comes complete with many great features including a Smartphone Adapter for taking photographs!
We have added to the normal rich equipment, a carrying case, for carrying the telescope wherever you go and we have also included a professional astronomical software to assist with studying the night Sky, find out the co-ordinates of celestial objects which are visible for any given date and time, and in which they will be visible all over the world.

The 900 telescope is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of astronomical observation. It produces bright images and is easy to use and carry. It has a wide assortment of accessories: two professional diameter 31.8mm (1.25″) eyepieces, a 2 x Barlow lens and image rectifier for terrestrial usage. This is an excellent kit for many types of observations, complete with metal tripod, mount and operational instructions in 8 languages.

The Konustart 900B offers anyone in astronomy an economical entry into this oldest of sciences. The telescope is very up-gradable with many visual and photographic options. Fantastic Value!

The Equatorial mount with R.A. tracking motor is stable, for smooth automatic tracking.

Telescope Specification

– Refractor telescope with multicoated optics
– Diameter 60 mm (2″.4), focal lenght 900 mm (35″), focal ratio f/15
– Equatorial mount with RA motor
– Metal tripod 69÷116 cm (2.3÷3.8 ft.)
– Stardot finderscope
– Eyepieces H 8 mm and H 20 mm, diam. 31.8 mm (1″.25)
– Magnification with supplied eyepieces 112.5x and 45x.
– Barlow lens 2x, erecting prism 1.5x and lunar filter
– Atlas of the sky
– Carry Case
– Bonus CD-Rom with astronomical software FREE!



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